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A/C System Maintenance

If you follow the instructions outlined in your owner’s manual, central air conditioning maintenance can help your system work smarter, more efficiently, and longer. While most issues should be left to professionals, there are few things you can do on a regular basis to keep your A/C system running smoothly.

At-home air conditioner maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning the unit itself is very important when it comes to A/C system maintenance. Being out in the elements constantly, through changing seasons and stormy weather, can take a toll on your system. Ensuring the unit is free of debris will help keep pesky twigs, leaves and various other yard wastes from getting into your system and potentially causing damage.

Air conditioner preventative maintenance

Here are a few other central air conditioner maintenance tips and tricks that can be completed by you or a professional air conditioner servicing technician:
  • Changing the filter and vents monthly is quick and easy. Be sure to check with an American Standard Comfort Care Dealer to get the right products for your system, as well as add-on components such as an air purifier.
  • Cleaning the evaporator can be easy to do if your furnace’s plenum has foil-wrapped insulation in the front. If so, simply remove the insulation and clean the inside of the evaporator with a stiff brush. Be sure you clean the tray below the evaporator unit below to get rid of the rest of the mess left from the condensation. You might also consider cleaning the evaporator with bleach to eliminate fungus or as part of air conditioner preventative maintenance.
  • Cleaning the air conditioner coils with a garden hose also helps keeps your system running smoothly. To do this, make sure the unit is disconnected, then use gloves and safety goggles to spray the coils with a commercial-grade cleaner, and then hose off with water.

Central air conditioning professional maintenance

While a few simple preventative measures can help your HVAC system run efficiently, you should always consult with an American Standard Customer Care dealer before performing any at-home A/C system maintenance . For serious issues, we can send a dealer to your home to perform a diagnostic check, or answer your questions over the phone.