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Benefits of an A/C Tune-Up

Your air conditioner runs 600 - 1800 hours each year. If you ran your car that much you would put over 40,000 – 120,000 miles on it. For that many miles, wouldn’t you get at least 8-24 oil changes, 4-12 tire rotations, and one tune-up?

So then, why would you ignore your Air Conditioner?

Don’t wait until temperatures soar. Now is the absolute best time to make sure your cooling system is ready to go for summer. By tuning up your air conditioner, you save time and money, reduce the likelihood of a crisis, and avoid the inconvenience, frustration and danger of leaving your family without a cool, comfortable home during the hottest and most humid time of the year.

That’s why manufacturers recommend scheduling a spring A/C tune-up, which can help you save money, prevent safety hazards, and reduce your risk of an untimely breakdown. Have a qualified technician perform an air conditioner tune-up in your home, which will include an inspection, testing, cleaning, and preparation for the cooling season.

Tech performing American Standard AC tune-up

Is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Really Necessary?

You might be asking: What’s all the hype about having your air conditioner checked out? Do I really need to have it serviced every year? Although some homeowners don’t, there are six great reasons you should, especially if you have an older cooling unit.

Preventive Maintenance

You wouldn’t drive your car 5,000 miles without changing the oil, would you? If you decided not to, the parts in your engine would become too hot, causing the engine to run less efficiently – and, over time, result in engine components wearing out.

Like a car, air conditioners have lots of parts that can wear out over time. Many components are under a lot of stress and can degrade over time. A tune-up allows a professional to examine the inner workings of an air conditioner to ensure all the important components are functioning correctly and safely. Fixing any issue in the spring means you’re less likely to have a breakdown when it’s extremely hot outside and when HVAC technicians are in high demand.

Also, just like a car, older air conditioners tend to have more problems. The older they get, the more inevitable a problem becomes. Manufacturers and technicians will strongly urge you to have an older A/C unit serviced yearly for safety reasons.

What are the Benefits of a Spring Tune-Up?


When you take care of the things you own, they last longer. Most HVAC systems that fail prematurely do so because of lack of maintenance. When you forgo maintenance, your system will experience a buildup of dirt and debris. When this happens, your system will no longer be able to function at peak efficiency.

After having to work so hard day after day, it’s eventually spent and can no longer go any further. A healthy system that undergoes routine maintenance will last you for 25 to 40 percent longer. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a proper air conditioner tune-up can improve your system’s durability, saving you money in the long-term. Moreover, an optimally performing cooling system requires fewer repairs over the life of the system, further saving you more money.


A seasonal air conditioner tune-up reduces the likelihood of an untimely breakdown. When cooling systems run to the maximum, they’re bound to break down eventually. For instance, your air conditioner could break down during extreme weather conditions, or during an important holiday when you have friends or family over.

In fact, some experts have said that 75 percent of calls during the summer are due to lack of maintenance. A licensed technician will be able to spot any current issues your air conditioner is facing as well as any potential problems. The amount of money you pay to have your air conditioner maintained is just a fraction of what frequent repairs down the road will cost.


Since your cooling and heating equipment accounts for nearly half of your home’s energy costs, it’s important that your system works efficiently. When your cooling system works harder to provide you with the level of comfort you need, it’s going to require more energy, which also means more money. Dirty air filters and coils, a lack of lubricant on parts, and a low refrigerant charge are all reasons your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly. When your system is operating at peak efficiency, however, that translates into savings.

An air conditioner tune-up includes verifying and adjusting the refrigerant charge if needed, plus the inspection and cleaning of the indoor and outdoor coils to ensure correct temperature drop across the coil and proper cooling performance. In addition to ensuring safe operation, this will keep your air conditioner running as efficiently as possible all season.


Most air conditioner tune-ups also include some basic cleaning and a new air filter. This cleaning process can help remove some of the dust and debris in the system, improving air quality throughout your home. More involved tune-ups may also include duct cleaning, which removes even more dust and dirt from your home.


Restricted or limited airflow places an unnecessary strain on your air conditioner that can lead to a shortened lifespan and/or increased repairs. During an air conditioner tune-up, the HVAC technician will perform a static airflow test. This test will measure how hard the fan is working to move air throughout the home.


Most manufacturers require the homeowner to have regular maintenance on their heating and cooling systems performed by a licensed professional and to keep records of all work. Failure to do so could void your warranty.

So, with these reasons in mind, it only makes sense to tune up your home’s air conditioning system now before the long hot humid summer cooling season begins. If you were going to drive across the country on a family vacation, you would have your car tuned up before the trip, not after, right? Having a tuned-up HVAC system will also give you peace of mind knowing everything is ready for a summer of fun.

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