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Getting Started: Shop HVAC with Ease

Make finding and buying the right HVAC less complicated. Set yourself up for success with these simple steps.

Step 1: Research

Learn about the different products that make up your system by exploring HVAC Basics. You can also browse resource pages in this site including the Glossary to pick up terms, tips, and tricks.

Step 2: Compare

American Standard Heatinga nd Air Conditioning offers a wide range of productts to help you find the best system to fit your needs. Check out our product pages to see all of the products and their features

Step 3: Connect

Connect with a local dealer through our dealer locator to discuss your options. American Standard dealers can help answer any questions about the buying process, your desired HVAC system, or installation logistics.

Step 4: Purchase

An HVAC system is an investment, so American Standard offers a variety of different payment plans to help you out. From financing to offers and rebates, find a payment option that gives you flexibility and works with your unique needs.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Finally, it’s time to enjoy your new system! After installation, register your system, maintain it regularly (don't forget those filters!), and explore the American Standard Home app so your system can live a long and happy life in your home.