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Air Handler Maintenance

American Standard’s air handlers are built to ensure newly cooled or heated air is distributed evenly into your home. No more cool spots and uneven heat throughout your home. However, systems and appliances in your home need some TLC every now and then. Keep your air handler working smarter for you and your family with this air handler maintenance checklist.

Air handler preventative maintenance

Sometimes an air handler can give off some unpleasant smells into your home, probably due to some sort of build-up in the coils. An air handler maintenance technician will be able to perform the following:
  1. Dismantle the air handler unit – Before beginning maintenance, the technician will make sure the A/C unit is turned off outside and the electrical panel at the air handler. Any coolant within the refrigerant lines will be retracted to avoid spills. Next, the refrigerant lines, condensation drain, the fan system and the air handler itself will be removed.
  2. Clean the air handler unit – The air handler can then be cleaned with a vacuum and by using an antibacterial/antimicrobial solution. The technician will use a hose to rinse off the coils and then repeat the steps to the fan system.
  3. Rebuild the air handler unit – To put the air handler back together, a new insulated duct board will be cut to size and secured with aluminum tape and plastic rib. Each seam can be further sealed with a coat of mastic adhesive cement. Afterward, the technician will replace and reattach the fan system, refrigerant lines and the condensation drain.
  4. Give the finishing touches – Make sure your filter is changed at least once a year—more if you have pets and/or your family is prone to seasonal allergies.

Air handler maintenance checklist

Here is some additional air handler preventative maintenance. Some of the items on this checklist, like cleaning the filters, can usually be done by the homeowner, but be sure to call an American Standard dealer for more complicated tasks, such as lubricating and greasing the motor and blower bearing:
  • Check the unit for noise and vibration
  • Clean filters
  • Drain and clean condensation pan
  • Lubricate and grease motor and blower bearing
  • Straighten coils with a fin comb
  • Check that the motor belt and pulley are working properly
  • Inspect wiring for damage or loose connections
  • Check the unit’s bypass valve
If you sense any maintenance is needed with your air handler, contact an American Standard dealer. You don’t want your system to shut down when you need it most.

A/C air handler professional maintenance

Keeping in mind basic maintenance and preventative measures can help make sure your HVAC system is running as smooth as possible, but always check with an American Standard Customer Care Dealer before performing any at-home air handler maintenance. We can send a dealer to your home to perform a diagnostic check or answer any questions you have over the phone.